Twin States
Clean Energy Link

For a Greener New England Grid


Northeastern Vermont Development Association and Twin States Clean Energy Link partner to deliver NEK community benefits


The Twin States Clean Energy Link is a proposed renewable energy transmission project in Vermont and New Hampshire. The project is designed to deliver existing Canadian hydropower to all of New England to support our region’s climate goals and increase our supply of affordable clean energy, which has the potential to save customers billions over the first fifteen years of operation alone.

The proposed project will utilize existing transmission corridors in New Hampshire and buries new lines along state roadways in both states, minimizing environmental and community impacts. Twin States has the potential to:

  • Provide 1,200 MW of bi-directional transmission capacity with neighboring Quebec, delivering an abundant source of existing, affordable, and dependable clean energy to New England.
  • Help New England to meet customer demand at times when solar/wind output is low, thereby securing a reliable power system.
  • Save customers billions of dollars over the coming decades.
  • Further the growth of New England’s emerging clean energy economy, including the offshore wind sector, by allowing regional renewable energy producers to export excess power to Quebec during periods of low customer demand.
  • Allow the region to reliably and cost-effectively harness its vast renewable energy potential over the next decade to the benefit of New England customers and workers, and the environment.
  • Provide significant economic benefits to Vermont and New Hampshire, creating thousands of new construction jobs, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new property tax revenues, and delivering comprehensive benefit programs to route communities.
  • Dedicate $100 million toward community benefit programs by non-profit partner Citizens Energy Corporation.


Twin States is being developed by National Grid, the unrivalled global leader in HVDC project development, construction, and operation. Partnering with National Grid on this project are Citizens Energy Corporation and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).